Workers' Comp Cost Control

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Workers' Compensation Management Plan

Our Workers' Compensation Management Plan places control of the workers' compensation process in your hands, lowers the costs associated with employee management, and increases the productivity and profit of your company.

As Certified WorkComp Advisors (CWCA), we are trained to know the entire workers' compensation system. Not only are we adept at finding errors in audits and experience modification calculations, which provides immediate benefits to employers, but we are trained in practical processes that reduce costs for employers over the long term.

Here is how we, as Certified WorkComp Advisors, provide major benefits for employers:

Loss Run Analysis & Injury Trending

  • Provide a detailed analysis to identify cause of loss patterns and primary cost drivers within organizations.
  • Identify problem areas and provide Comp Control solutions to take control over the wellbeing of your employees.
  • Create a baseline to measure progress as you improve workers compensation costs.
  • Help promote safety awareness with benchmark data, graphical illustrations and communication pieces that can be shared throughout the organization.

Experience Mod Analysis

  • Locate mistakes in Experience Modification Factors and follow through to make sure they are corrected and refunds obtained for "money left on the table" due to incorrect past audits.
  • Verify audits to identify and correct mistakes and errors in preparation for the insurance company auditor.
  • Help employers establish a process for reducing costs and eliminating future errors.

Safety & Hiring

  • Help employers in the hiring process, where workers' compensation problems start.
  • Focus on obtaining the right treatment from the right doctor at the right time to provide the most effective care to injured employees.
  • Help employers create and implement a process to get injured workers back on the job quickly and fairly.
  • Assist with OSHA and other fundamental written programs required for compliance with federal regulations.

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