Risk Management Services

Client Centered

Client Centered

Our business is built on a foundation of thoughtful client relationships.

Risk is woven throughout every organization. Beyond the protection that even the most comprehensive insurance products provide, it's necessary to look beyond the insurance transaction to identify the cost drivers behind the risks being transferred and those being retained.

The Risk Management Process is a structured approach to address the inter-relationship between business resources and functions, compliance acts, employment considerations and safety programs. The result is a Total Risk Solution, one that has a direct and quantifiable impact helping ensure your firm achieves its organizational objectives.

With the uniqueness of each organization and their objectives in mind, our mission begins by tailoring a program to help each client maintain their competitive edge through shared knowledge, integration of policies, and implementation of programs proven to mitigate risk.

The results speak for themselves. Our proven track record includes reducing client's total injury costs by 93%, utilizing available services such as injury prevention, human resources, workers' compensation claim management, environmental management, and risk financing services.

  • Costs 80-95% less than an in-house risk management and human resources department.
  • Client retention rate of 95%, a testimonial to the quality of our program.
  • Proven to reduce frequency of accidents, as well as the costs and lost time due to injuries.
  • Reduces government regulation compliance concerns
  • Access to on-staff Human Resource Attorney to answer specific questions and legal council regarding each of your unique situations.
  • Improved ability to plan, budget, and focus on the big picture.

Let the Brown Insurance Group be your strategic partner in structuring your insurance and risk management program to ensure your firm's unimpaired growth - today and into the future.

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