Environmental Insurance

Insurance for the Environmental Industry

Brown Insurance Group and Keystone Insurers Group has partnered with the National Alliance of Environmental Specialists to provide coverages, comprehensive services, and competitive pricing that are specific to the needs of the Environmental Industry.

The National Alliance of Environmental Specialists Insurance Program (NAESIP) was developed in conjunction with environmental consultants and contractors and provides a full range of insurance administration, claims management, and risk control services.

NAESIP is Knowledge-Based insurance that provides value by remaining aligned with important issues within the environmental industry.

NAESIP provides General Liability (GL), Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL), Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL) and Professional to environmental remediation contractors or consultants and CPL and/or EIL to non-environmental businesses with environmental exposures.

NAESIP not only understands the industry, but environmental insurance is their sole focus.

NAESIP supports the TCOR philosophy which stands for Total Cost of Risk. Reducing losses will actually save a company more money than just purchasing the "lowest cost" insurance available in the marketplace. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Over 1,000 environmental businesses have been written today – and the number keeps growing.

NAESIP Available Tools

  • Online campus where environmental industry professionals can earn CE credits/discounts.
  • Special programs developed for schools, municipalities, condos, apartments, highrises and plumbers (usually in conjunction with an association or joint insurance fund).
  • Partnered with SafetyFirst to provide a topnotch driver behavior program with monthly PowerPoint topics developed for driver safety and public safety.
  • With support from ASEP (American Society of Environmental Professionals), NAESIP has safety, education and loss control tools specifically designed for the environmental industry. Online access is only $100. Membership is as low as $125 per person or $200 for three or more people.

Why choose NAESIP?

Over 7 out of 10 accounts have something wrong with their coverage. NAESIP helps identify gaps that can bring value and savings to policy holders.

  • NAESIP is an Exclusive, Knowledge-Based program available to all Keystone agents in all Keystone states. Agents can stay ahead of their competition by keeping ahead of current industry issues.
  • NAESIP provides comprehensive coverage promoting safety, education and loss control to Keystone agents and their policy holders. NAESIP and ASEP developed their own risk management program for the industry with the intent to prevent future losses that can cause financial harm.
  • Intimate knowledge of what is needed in coverages to comply with the certificate of insurance requirements found in contracts.
  • NAESIP staff connects with their environmental underwriters every day, continuing to find alternative ways to get increased limits to bid jobs and save policy holders money.
  • Provides tools to help agents work with their clients to reduce Experience Modifications under the Workers' Compensation.
  • NAESIP writes bid and performance bonds for environmental clients.
  • A moisture control program for property owners, and a health and safety program for contractors are in development which will be featured in ASEP's on-line tools.