Ways to Give Back

Ways to Give Back

| December 01, 2020

A lot has happened this year. As many begin preparing for 2021, some may decide to give a little back to those in need. 

If you’re used to volunteering in person, that may be unavailable right now. But you can still be involved and contribute in other ways.  

Check out the following ideas for lending a helping hand at the end of this year: 

  • United Way - Look up your local United Way or United Fund, and give time or money to an organization that helps many charities rather than just one.
  • Clear out your closet - An easy way to help those in need is to donate unused clothing or items. Go through your wardrobe or evaluate rarely used furniture for your charity or organization of choice. Don't know where to go?  Our local Hearts in Motion Resale Shoppe is located in Schererville, Indiana and they accept furniture, clothing, housewares, and other common items.  S
  • App for that - Get tech-savvy with your giving. Charity apps help you donate your time and money to those in need.
  • Think digital - Charities and nonprofits are just as digital as other businesses now. Contact them and volunteer without ever leaving home. 

You may be surprised by how easy it is to give back in today’s environment. There are more options for distance giving than ever before, so use your time or wallet to make someone else’s life better.

Happy Holidays to all from Brown Insurance Group!