Six tips to keep trick-or-treaters safe on Halloween

Six tips to keep trick-or-treaters safe on Halloween

| October 27, 2020

In a few weeks, kids in costumes will be roaming Northwest Indiana neighborhoods on a mission to fill their bags with goodies. While this is a fun tradition, it’s important to keep your home and yard safe so your Halloween visitors stay safe, too.

Here are some tips to keep neighborhood trick-or-treaters safe.

1. Tighten lose handrails and floorboards. If trick or treaters will be going up stairs to your front door, make sure hand rails are secured and loose floorboards are tightened. Kids wearing costumes may have trouble moving up and down the stairs and will rely on a handrail. In addition, if there are pumpkins or other decorations on your stairs or porch, it may be wise to remove them.

2. Remove low hanging tree branches. Make sure any trees that are close to your sidewalk or driveway are adequately pruned so the ghosts and goblins can safely navigate.

3. Mark raised or uneven surfaces. In colder climates, winter weather wreaks havoc on driveways and sidewalks. If concrete surfaces in and around your yard are raised, mark them with florescent paint so little princesses don’t trip. If uneven pavers lead up to your front door, rope off the section that could cause them to trip and fall.

4. Remove yard debris. Cold temperatures and strong winds or rain can take leaves off trees in a hurry so rake up those leaves and remove yard debris. The shortest route to your front door may be through your yard. Wet leaves, tree branches, and decorative items can be hazardous to a Storm Trooper's health.

5. Light up your property. If your community’s trick-or-treat hours are after daylight, make sure your outside lights are working. Now is a good time to replace burned out bulbs. Consider using even brighter bulbs, as long as they meet the recommended wattage. Don’t rely on magical wands or light sabers to light up your property.

6. Keep your pets in a safe place. The constant ringing of the doorbell and the large number of visitors may stress out your pet. Keep pets in a bedroom, away from all the noise and commotion. And don’t forget: Chocolate can be can be harmful to cats and dogs!

Stay Safe and Sweet!  Happy Halloween!

Content obtained with permission from the original author, West Bend Mutual Insurance Company.