Concert With Courses

Concert With Courses

| November 04, 2019

You just never know where you will find your clients! Recently attended the NWI Symphony Orchestra and the chorus as they entertained us with light classical and movie music intermingled with delicious cuisine. The evening concluded with the chorus and Beethoven's beloved Ode to Joy! Goose bumps! 


NWI Symphony Orchestra is lucky to have Richard Hagelberg from Kidstuff Playsystems. He sings in the chorus and is a longtime client of Brown Insurance Group. Such a small world. Kidstuff is a great community steward. They have committed to help Gary and Northwest Indiana to create a lifelong community. Kidstuff supports local, state and national efforts. They have championed these efforts by working with the Take Bike the Streets event that involves community engagement, economic development and intergenerational environmental education. Plus working with the Volunteer Office for Community Accessibility, Resources and Training to meet the changing needs of persons with disabilities in the NWI Region. As well as helping implement Neighborhood Spotlight Programs across Lake County. They are reducing blight, hiring local and supporting small businesses in the process. As members of the Gary Rotary Club they are helping to bridge our food gap and be an advocate for transportation equality with the Access for All Campaigns. Huge supporter of the Arts, in particular NWI Symphony Orchestra.


Do you love music? Then you need to attend a concert! This is NOT your grandparent's symphony!