5 Tips to Plan the Best RV Route

5 Tips to Plan the Best RV Route

| July 13, 2021

It’s summer time – prime RV season in the Midwest. But, even if you know where you want to go, do you know how to get there? 

After all, driving an RV is a little different than simply hopping in your car, so we here at Brown Insurance Group put together some tips to help you plan your route and enjoy your trip. 

  1. Use an online trip planner: Two that we know of are RV Trip Wizard and the KOA Trip Planner. With the advent of the smartphone, planning and RV adventure and RV-safe driving routes is as simple as the touch of a button.  With these tools, you will not have a problem finding your ideal campground or RV park.
  2. Don’t forget guidebooks and atlases: There’s nothing wrong with going low-tech, too. In fact, it’s good to have a backup for when you need to change plans without Internet or GPS assistance. Atlases for commercial truck drivers, in particular, can be useful, because they highlight some of the same things you need to consider, such as overpass height, etc.
  3. Know your vehicle: It’s tempting to just take the height specifications from your manual, but it’s better to know for sure. Measure your RV from the ground to the highest item on the roof. Stick it on a label inside your windshield so it’s always visible.
  4. Utilize other tools: Some GPS models have RV/truck modes that will adjust routes based on the larger size of your vehicle. Use them if they’re available.
  5. Have multiple sources of information: Online trip planners and GPS systems make things easy, but they’re not always up to date. So, in addition to your trip plan and guidebooks, also take care to pay attention to signs and your surroundings when you’re on the go. 

It’s easier than ever to plan for a great road trip, so get out there and explore! We’ll be waiting to hear all about your trip and to help you with all of your RV insurance needs.