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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

We speak insurance

Everyone’s passionate about something. For some it might be painting, writing the great American novel, or open heart surgery. But at Brown Insurance Group, we are passionate about one thing: insurance. It can seem a little strange, we know, but we love reading about insurance, learning more about insurance, and telling other people about insurance. 

Sometimes it may seem like you need an interpreter to understand your insurance.  Luckily, our team is fluent in insurance, and we’re here to help you translate. Got a question?  No need to go hunting through your policy to find the answer, just call us at 219-972-6060, and we’ll get you the answers. 

You have enough going on in your life without having to become an expert on insurance, too.  You just want to know you’re covered when the unexpected happens.  But with Brown Insurance Group, you can relax and know that there’s someone there – just a phone call away – when you have questions.