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Summer = car traveling season. Families across the country hit the road for vacations, family visits, and new adventures!  It is very important keep your car in good repair to prevent fires.  It is also vital that every family member knows the proper car fire safety measures. 

Vehicle fires account for about 10 percent of all fires and on average, there are about 17 auto fires an hour. Most are caused by mechanical or electrical failures, but others are the result of collisions or overturns. The best way to prevent car fires is good maintenance. Service your vehicle regularly and if you see leaks, get them checked. Also:

1. Have your car serviced regularly by a professionally-trained mechanic. A well-maintained car is less likely to have a car fire.

2. If you have to transport gasoline or other flammable materials, keep the materials in a certified gas can that is sealed and only transport small amounts. Do not transport these items in the passenger compartment. Store them in the trunk or the truck bed.

3. Never park a car where flammables, such as grass are touching the catalytic converter.

4. Do not smoke in your car.

5. Always drive safely to avoid an accident.

6. Check the car before long trips. Look for cracked or loose wiring or electrical problems. Check for oil or fluid leaks below the car. Keep an eye out for rapid changes in fuel or fluid level or engine temperature.

7. Consider having a car fire extinguisher for emergency situations.

WHEN IN DOUBT - GET RIGHT OUT - If a fire does start in your car, pull over immediately, turn off the engine and after making sure it’s safe, get out of the car. Stay at least 100 feet away from your vehicle, dial 911 and wait for help.

Sometimes, the best maintenance, the best practices and the most careful driving can’t keep us from a loss. Making sure that you and your family are protected is key to having peace of mind.  Feel free to give us a call at 219-972-6060 if you have any questions — after all, you don’t want to wait until after an accident to get answers!